Loren, a born artist/designer, has been in the personal growth field for more than 25 years. Raised in a Native American family with rich ancestral roots and nature-based beliefs, Loren realized her gifts of energetic connection or clairsentience (sensing the vibrational energies of spaces and people) and clairvoyance (perceiving future events) at a very early age. She soon began exploring various belief systems, as well as her own ideas and life processes. Her internal exploration led her to the practice of meditation, self-healing, and the intentional use of Law of Attraction. Loren studied fine arts and journalism in Northern California and continues to enhance her education through healing arts, energy work, color therapy, metaphysical studies, bio-hacking, and life coaching. In addition to life coaching, Loren has created a line of energy jewelry and art, and offers interior redesign services through her SENTIENT DESIGN brand. Loren’s philosophy is that the environment in which we surround ourselves should be balanced and beautiful to create a sense of wellbeing and alignment throughout our minds, our homes, offices, closets, and our bodies.

"My background and ability for creating balance and beauty in all that I do has led me to beautiful, sunny San Diego where I can offer my vibrational alignment coaching and create from my indoor/outdoor studio. I am beyond thankful for the energetic gifts that I can share with those who resonate."


~Loren Lavine, Artist/Life Coach