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redesign consultation

"Every environment, whether home, work, play or otherwise, affects your energy field, which in turn affects your well being and the way you interact with the world."  
~Loren Lavine


Working in real estate for the past decade has shown me a great need and problem area that I felt I could provide a solution for. Often times homes will sit on the market for far longer than they should, leaving agents and owners baffled as to why. I can walk into a home and immediately sense stagnant or erratic energy. Other times, I am able to walk into a home and change the placement of furniture and/or art and create a whole new energy dynamic that immediately presents itself in a higher vibration. I've always had the talent and skill to see what I call the whole-istic picture. Whether it's a simple redesign, a color consultation or a full-on interior undertaking, SENTIENT by Loren Lavine can help provide a conscious solution. It is a privilege and an honor to offer my services as a designer and sentient.

What should you expect from a consultation?

I will visit your home or whatever environment we will be designing or redesigning, and we will discuss your needs and goals with regards to design. I will then evaluate the space and take some measurements and photos for reference. This, along with any of the needs we discuss, will give me the tools I need to provide an estimate for the job. 


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