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energy jewelry

"Everything is energy. We are consciously and subconsciously attracted to colors, textures and the energy, or vibration, of certain stones and elements based on our needs and desires. I design jewelry to promote wellbeing and alignment."

~Loren Lavine, designer

What is high vibe design?

We live in a vibrational environment, continuously changing our energy. I create my jewelry with high vibrational alignment in mind. Each stone, shell, metal and color carries a distinct vibrational energy. I encourage you to look through the stones page to see what resonates with you. What stone attracts your eye and gives you a sense of wellbeing?

Who is energy jewelry designed for?

Anyone looking to attract a high vibrational energy. Anyone who appreciates the beauty of our natural world. Anyone who loves to be surrounded by wellbeing.

What inspires my designs?

Jewelry-making runs in my family. I grew up watching my mother bead beautiful necklaces on her loom. My grandmother and aunt created amazing necklaces and earrings using traditional elements from our Native American heritage. I studied fine arts with an emphasis on jewelry at Humboldt State University in Northern California. I am inspired by our natural world, by my tribal upbringing on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation, visions from my daily meditations, and of course, the energy that surrounds me. 


Where can you shop Sentient Loren Lavine designs?

You can find Sentient by Loren Lavine designs at my Etsy shop. Click here to shop.

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