redesign + staging

"Sometimes, all you need is a little refresh. My redesign service is quick, simple, and gives your space a fresh breath of life using your existing furnishings and some added decorative elements, designed with your desired energy in mind."  

~Loren Lavine
Loren Lavine Interior Designer

What is a redesign?

It is essential that your living and work space be a vital part of your wellbeing. Often times, our environments becomes stagnant. A redesign can change all of that quickly and affordably. By using your existing furnishings and accessories -- from other rooms, or pieces stored away -- and adding in a few new design elements, a redesign can feel like a completely new space, allowing positive energy flow and efficiency, therefore restoring beauty and balance. I've always had the ability to see what I call the whole-istic picture, and it starts with three design factors:

CONSCIOUSNESS – I design in tune with our environment, using design elements at least 95% reclaimed, reused and/or recycled.


POSITIVE FLOW – I work with the natural flow of the space and its inhabitants to help create a space that will offer a sense of clarity, comfort and wellbeing.


ENERGY ALIGNMENT – Some environments carry low vibrations or have sporadic energies attached to them. I can immediately sense, clear and ground chaotic energy that may be present, bringing the space back into alignment.

What can I expect from a consultation?

I will visit the space we will be designing or redesigning to discuss your needs and goals. I will then evaluate the space, take measurements, and collect photos for reference. This will give me the tools I need to provide an estimate. 


What is the cost of a redesign?

Redesign service starts at $500 per room. There is a non-refundable consultation fee of $100 that will be applied to the balance of any redesign services rendered,. Currently, I only serve greater San Diego county. Email me to discuss your needs or to book a consultation.

How can I get a quote for staging?

Please email me directly and I can arrange for a quote for partial or full staging.