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"A redesign is about affordability and efficiency. Sometimes, all you need is a little refresh. By using your existing furnishings, along with some added decorative elements, we can give your space a fresh breath of life."

Loren Lavine | designer
Sentient Staging Redesign2

What is a redesign?

Your living and work space are a vital part of your wellbeing. Often times, these environments become visually and energetically stagnant. A redesign can change all of that quickly and affordably. By using the home's existing furnishings/accessories, and adding in some new design elements, a redesign can feel like an up-to-date and inviting space, allowing positive energy flow and efficiency, therefore restoring beauty and balance. 

Is a redesign for agents + sellers?

For real estate agents and sellers, a redesign can serve as a quick and economical alternative to a full staging production. If sticking to a budget is a priority, a redesign is well-suited for the job. The National Association of Realtors claims 82% of agents say home staging helps their clients visualize the property as a future home. And, according to Bankrate, sellers see an average return of 5-15% on their staging investment.

Why Sentient Staging Redesign?

  • CONSCIOUSNESS – We design with the environment in mind. At least 90% of our inventory is recycled, reused and/or up-cycled. We also greatly minimize the consumption of single-use plastic by using reusable cloth furniture coverings at our warehouse and in transport.

  • POSITIVE FLOW – We work with the natural flow of the space to promote a sense of clarity, comfort and wellbeing.  

  • PASSION + SKILL FOR DESIGN – We love making things beautiful and inviting. Nothing thrills us more than seeing the look of exhilaration on a client's face when they see a space transformed. We've encountered many lackluster design jobs over the years, and we are confident we can create a space that is worthy of coming home to.


What are the redesign options?

Every client, space, and budget varies, so we offer a range of services to fit those needs, from a quick redesign for one room to service add-ons.

What is the cost of a redesign?

Redesign services fees are based on square footage and/or rooms. We serve the greater San Diego County. Fees may incur for projects outside of its perimeters. A 50% deposit is required before the start of a job and the balance is due upon final walkthrough.

How do I get started?

We've made the process as easy as 1-2-3-4:

  1. Fill out and submit the no-obligation service request form.

  2. You will receive a link to access our menu of services.

  3. We will email you an agreement for authorization and schedule a property assessment.

  4. A designer will assess the property, go over the plan, and take measurements and photos. (approx. 30 mins). From here, we will start the redesign process.

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