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  • Loren Lavine, artist/designer


Fall reminds us to shed the old leaves of thinking from our branches and make way for new growth. / Photo by Loren Lavine.

Are you one of those peeps who as soon as the first leaf falls from the nearest tree, rushes into Starbucks for a pumpkin flavored anything? Ever wonder why we are so eager for the next season to hit us? My theory is because we are always living in the future, looking for the next best thing, looking for whatever isn't "now". As humans, we are constantly looking for a fresh start; Monday is a fresh start to the week, January is a fresh start to the year, autumn is a fresh start from the heat, opening our eyes in the morning is a fresh start to a new day, etc., etc. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a fresh start. In fact, I truly believe you can have a fresh start with every new thought you have. But the vast majority of us don't have fresh thoughts; we are on autopilot and our subconscious mind is the drive. Our minds are incredibly powerful that way. Our world is a product of our heart and mind. You are only as good as you feel or feel worthy of. Read those last two sentences again, please. Let that sink in ...

I'll wait ...

You may have thought your life was dictated by your circumstances, but it's quite the opposite. And before I dig myself too deep into a topic that requires much more than a blog to fully digest appropriately, I will just say this -- if you don't mind your thoughts and feelings in this moment, you will fall for anything. You will find yourself falling for anything that comes your way; the blah, the bad, and the ugly. You will fall for the same pattern of thinking/feeling that you grew up believing. When you realize your future is your now -- just the later version of now -- you will begin to become aware of the mindset you are in. I double-dog dare you to try it for just an hour.

Here's how it works:

A. When you find yourself thinking of something negative or you don't want -- stop yourself mid-thought or sentence and remember you are creating your future reality with those thoughts. Is that how you want to paint your future?

B. You always have the power to create a different story/circumstance in your mind -- the trick is you must also "feel" it with intensity. Your intention is only as strong as your belief in it.

C. Forgive yourself (and others) for any part you feel they play in your current, unwanted reality -- there is great power in forgiving and clearing that negative weight that will keep you from your positive intentions and feelings.

How does this tie into fall and your pumpkin spice life, you ask? Once you realize your future is dictated by our thoughts of "now", you will slow down, become aware of where your heart and mindset is, tend to the positive thoughts, graciously send off the negative thoughts, and have a deeper appreciation for where you are in this very moment -- including the fall weather you looked forward to mid-summer and will most likely begin complaining about mid-December.

Easy steps for living in the now:

1. Mind your thoughts.

2. Swap out positive thoughts/intentions for ones that no longer serve the future you intend to create.

3. Foregive yourself and others -- guilt does more harm than good.

4. Sip that pumpkin spice latte like there's no tomorrow -- because in reality, your tomorrow is now.

Don't fall for the same old story, instead fall in love with the new story you are creating now.

Blessings Ya'all

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