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"Stillness" made of reclaimed wood and paint is part of an exhibit from San Diego based artist Loren Lavine. Loren is the featured artist for the month of October and will be at obrARCHITECTURE on October 14, 2017 from 6pm to 10pm.

San Diego based artist/designer Loren Lavine is the featured artist for the month of October at obrARCHITECTURE. The firm is part of the Ray at Night Art Walk taking place October 14, 2017. Come meet the artist during a reception held from 6pm to 10pm, and take a look at the latest works in her show entitled "Broken Beauty". Lavine recycles discarded wood and metal scraps to create a thought provoking and beautiful display of wall art.

"I try to capture an emotion in each piece. We are all tied together in this earthly plane by our emotions and how we relate to one another. Taking something someone sees as worthless and turning into a beautiful statement that is admired and appreciated is what I was born to do," says Loren of her latest exhibit.

Ray at Night is held every second Saturday of the month in San Diego's trendy North Park community. obrARCHITECTURE is located at 3817 Ray Street, San Diego, CA 92104. For more information on the event visit Ray at Night Art Walk.

Artist/Designer Loren Lavine will have her latest exhibit entitled "Broken Beauty" on display October 14, 2017 during the Ray at Night Art Walk.


Loren has been painting and creating in a range of styles for nearly three decades in various media including acrylic on canvas, with watercolors, large-scale murals and sculpture. Along with painting, she is an accomplished jewelry designer whose work can be seen worldwide. Being a member of the Hoopa Valley Tribe of Northern California and a descendent of the San Ildefonso Tribe of New Mexico, Loren is able to pull from her rich cultural ancestry and combine those elements and traditions with more modern themes and materials. Loren is established in many areas of art including photography, traditional basket weaving, stained glass, and interior design. She studied fine art at Humboldt State University but accredits her grandmother and mother for her greatest teachers.

“My grandma taught me to weave baskets using traditional native methods. My mom taught me how to make jewelry. I remember as a child being just tall enough to look over the table where my mom was beading. It was like with every pass of the needle on the loom the design would appear magically. I was fascinated then, and that fascination turned into passion for not only jewelry but for all areas of design.”

Loren says the most important factor for her is the feeling her designs convey.

“We are spiritual beings who have the privilege of experiencing our divinity through our intellect and emotion,” said the artist. “This is how we connect to one another and all earthly things.”

Growing up on the reservation in Northern California along the Trinity River amongst ancient redwoods and the beauty of the natural world gave Loren a deep appreciation of our environment. She has been an advocate of using reclaimed, recycled and reused materials in not only her personal life but also her art and in business. Beyond her art, Loren is the the lead designer/stager of Sentient by Loren Lavine where she designs with the following principles in mind: consciousness, energy flow, and calibration.

“Art and design are a state of being, they are creativity in highest form and come from the Divine. I take no credit for what comes from our Source, it passes to me, through me, and my desire to share the message with the world is something I hold as my true path. I am grateful and honored for this ability.”


Loren Lavine

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