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  • Loren Lavine, Artist/Designer


BEFORE its rebirth, this desk had great bones and was sturdy. It just had lost its pizzaz.

One of my first blogs was about getting rid of trash in your home, and in your psyche. So you're probably wondering why I am now suggesting you say yes to trash; I'm not talking about the items that no longer serve a purpose, I'm talking about the useful items where someone sees trash and you see beauty.

I have always had a keen eye and natural ability to walk into a room and completely redesign it from top to bottom, transforming in my mind's eye how I could make the room energetically pleasing, useful, comfortable, conducive to productivity, and sexy. Over the years, I've come to realize I can't shut that part of me off. There is no switch, i've looked. So, I now see it as a blessing and I've parlayed it into a service to others. That aside ... Saying yes to trash is about being selective. Take for instance this lovely desk I found for $30 at a second hand thrift store. The desk had good bones to begin with. It was solid, sturdy, had a few scratches, had great hardware, and was screaming for me to take it home. I said yes to trash. I sanded it down lightly and coated it with some leftover paint from a bedroom redesign. I added some new ceramic and leather knobs on clearance, and voila ~ A beautiful, useful and artful piece of furniture is reborn. I was even able to recoup $20 of the cost by reselling the old drawer pulls on OfferUp. So for essentially $15 and some elbow grease I transformed trash to treasure. You can too.

AFTER its rebirth, this desk has style, personality, and is the centerpiece of this shared bedroom.

You know how they say life imitates art? Well, maybe it's time to start changing our perspective on how we see each other, and more importantly, how we see ourselves. Instead of seeing only the dents, scratches, age, and scars of our past, let us envision the beauty and treasure of what we are to become. What we see and how we feel about what we see becomes our reality. It works like magic and we are the magicians. Yes, there may be some time investment and some dime too, but investing in ourselves and others always pays off in the end. Stop spending your thoughts, time and money on things of no value like your past and your perceived failures

. Start investing your thoughts, time and money on reconditioning, renewing and creating a whole new you.

If you can see the beauty in something, saying yes to trash is a wise investment, even when others don't agree.

~Much love and many blessings to you! You are a treasure!

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