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January + Garnet

In Western belief, garnet is the birthstone of January. And many of us envision a deep pomegranate color when we think of garnet, but in actuality, garnet comes in a a wide variety of colors ranging from blue, yellow and green. Garnet symbolizes love and friendship, truth, faith and safety. January symbolizes new beginnings and resetting our energy to meet new manifestations. Native American healers believed it had the ability to ward off injury and poison. Modern day belief is that garnet is the stone of success, specifically that of business. Whatever your belief, I hope you take some time to reflect on your core values and in knowing the no matter how many times you "start over", you always start from a place of higher ground, armed with more knowledge than before. Like the snowdrop flower breaking through the cold winter snow, your journey represents hope and beauty, and restoration. January Birthstone - Garnet January Flowers - Carnation & Snowdrop Garnet Chakra - Base Chakra, Heart Chakra Garnet Zodiac Associations - Aries, Leo, Virgo Garnet Element - Fire Garnet Numerology - 2 Garnet Associations - passion, sensuality, love, intimacy, friendship, positive thought, self-confidence, safety Check out this garnet and energy stone bracelet from Sentient by Loren Lavine Check out this silver feather + garnet necklace from Sentient by Loren Lavine

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