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Pain Cycles + Rain Cycles: Managing the winter blues is as easy as changing your perspective

Rain falling on the dark wet ground makes for a dreary environment.

You've heard the term "wash away your sorrows," and it may seem like a passing phrase, but there is truth in the fact that water, rain or tears can help cleanse emotional pain.

Water certainly plays its role in providing life-giving elements. Tears release oxytocin and endorphins that make us feel better. Rain falls upon the earth and provides nourishment and cleansing energy. But like most things on the planet, pain, like rain, comes in cycles, and if received as a blessing and a lesson, it will provide another cycle — growth and healing.

Pain, whether physical or emotional, is mostly seen as a curse and can be grappling, excruciating, destructive and torturous, and rightly so. In the body, pain is an essential life-saving warning system. Emotional pain is the same, it is our clue to things that need our love and attention. Once you are able to see the cycle for what it is — growth — you will be able to release the trigger and move past it with appreciation and a higher,  healthier perspective.

Try these methods for a quick energy pick-me-up: meditation, making a list of positive things in your life, playing with your pets, going out in nature for 30 mins, walking, writing a letter to a friend.

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